The Center for Community Change Action, Color of Change PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes, and SEIU have joined together to form a groundbreaking coalition to give our constituencies:

• a platform to use their voices and power to fight for legislative and policy change;
• a means to hold elected officials accountable for their actions; and
• a path toward winning key elections in battleground states in 2020.

We will focus on engaging, organizing, and eventually turning out to vote the people we seek to represent, focusing on people of color, young people, college- educated women, and union supporters.

Win Justice Relational Voter Turnout Program

The future of our country is too important to leave the votes of our friends and family to chance. This November 6th, Election Day, talk to them! You are uniquely qualified to talk to your friends, family and neighbors about this topic because of the trust you have built together. You should be the person making sure that they are ready to vote in this election. Studies have shown that friend-to-friend contacts are 5x more powerful than traditional contact methods like phone banking or door canvassing.

Join our relational voter turnout program. Make a list of 20 people you know personally who are not politically engaged or people you want to talk to about the issues and candidates you care about. From experience, we all know people who miss elections or need more information about the election. We will support you along the way to reach out to your friends and family to make sure everyone is a voter during this election.

El futuro de nuestro país es demasiado importante para dejar al azar los votos de nuestros amigos y familiares. Este 6 de Noviembre, día de las votaciones, hay que contactarlos. Porque tienes la confianza de tus amigos y familiares, eso te da la mejor oportunidad de hablar con ellos sobre este tema. Tú puedes ser la persona que los prepara para votar en esta elección. Los estudios indican que las conversaciones entre relaciones de confianza (amigo a amigo) son 5 veces más poderosos que los métodos tradicionales como las llamadas y contacto en casa.

Unete a nuestro programa y asegúrate que tus amigos y familiares participen siendo votantes. Haz una lista de 20 personas que conoces que no están activos políticamente con los que puedes hablar sobre los asuntos y candidatos que te interesan. Todos conocemos a alguien quien no vota por que le hizo falta más información sobre las elecciones. Te apoyaremos durante el proceso para hablar con tus amigos y familiares para que tengan toda la información necesaria para que sean votantes durante estas elecciones.

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